• About ME

    Researcher, writer, lawyer and tinkerer based in Chicago, Illinois


    I have the 4th most popular given name paired with the 6th most popular surname, according to the first decennial U.S. census published after I was born. Extrapolating with rough math, around 1 out of every 8,000 U.S. men my age are named Mike Davis or over 100 in Chicago alone.

    So which Mike Davis am I?

    • Kentucky born and Chicago based, with jaunts in Tennessee, Virginia, New York and Wisconsin
    • Explorer, marked by desire to investigate and learn and with armchair interests in food festivals, college sports, locksport and arboriculture
    • Personality test snippets: Decisive, Driven, Direct, Analytical, Brings a creative spin to find solutions

  • IntERESTS & EdUcation

    My professional interests include policy, business strategy, startups, value investing, law and compliance.


    For the past 10 years, I’ve worked at the intersection of health and insurance, with a wide breadth of experience spanning health plan operations and product development.


    This site is dedicated to my Projects. If you are interested in connecting with me related to my employed position, please visit me on LinkedIn.

    Northwestern University

    Evanston, Illinois

    Project Management Coursework

    Washington & Lee University

    Lexington, Virginia

    Law Degree

    Vanderbilt University

    Nashville, Tennessee

    Bachelor's of Arts


    My side interests:


    Designing a new concept in the pet insurance industry


    My current focus is on competition in the physician market

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